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our story

Thank you so much for being here and thank you to those who have been on this journey with us!

In the beginning of 2017, Jenn Shin Studios started off in a 100 square foot studio suite. 
After being open for
 six months, we grew to relocate to a larger 200 sq. ft. space and continued to strive to bring hair goals to life for about another 2 years. 

Now, our most recent expansion landed us in our new spacious 2,500 sq. ft. salon space in the heart
of Rockville, MD—right on Rockville Pike!

Jenn’s hope was to have a space to grow INTO rather than grow OUT of. 
We have come a long way but stay tuned...we have more to come!


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our products

We highly believe that product use is of the utmost importance when it comes to hair care but not all hair are created equal.

We pride ourselves in each and every product that we use on our clients. Jenn Shin Studios carries a wide range of professional product brands that are high quality and innovative.

Our team of stylists strive to stay educated and receive special training on every one of our product lines. If you need assistance with your product selection for your at-home hair care routine, ask your stylist to create a personalized program to protect your hair investment! 

Brands we use

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