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frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Ombre vs Balayage?

In my opinion, an ombre would be best described as the color going from any dark to light gradient, or vice versa. “Balayage” is a french term for the word ’sweeping’ and in this case, would be more so describing the technique. During a balayage service, it mimics highlights which create a more subtle look. The lightener or color is “swept” onto the hair creating a dimensional look. 

How often should I be washing my hair after a color service?

After the initial color service, we recommend waiting to wash the hair for AT LEAST 48 hours. BUT! The longer you wait, the better. This allows time for the hair cuticle to close, which may help color last longer. It also will give time for your hair to produce their naturals oils that were washed away at the appointment. Then, it will allow some time for your hair to absorb those oils, which will aid in conditioning the hair. If you wash your hair too soon, you’re risking the chance of drying out your hair and washing away your fresh af color. 

Ash tones vs Warm tones - What are the differences?

Ash tones are blue/violet based which means they neutralize all orange/yellow tones in the hair. Ashy tones may look as if they have a grey/silver undertone. Warm tones are tones that have a bit more of a natural tone to them: think golden. Just because hair may be considered “warm” does NOT mean it's “brassy”! The word brassy is way too overused now a days and many people don’ know what it truly means. 

How frequently should I be getting haircuts?

Even if you’re trying to grow out your hair, you should be getting regular hair cuts every 3 months, or 4 times a year, in my personal opinion. Even coming in to get half an inch to an inch cut off is better than waiting and “growing it out.” Cut off the dead ends before they cut themselves. 

Should I wash my hair before coming to see you?

If you are getting any on-scalp lightening processes, a few days old hair with minimal product is recommended! If you are getting a foiling service, please come in with clean, dry hair. (Few days old is fine too.) If your hair is super oily and/or you have a lot of product build up, it may be difficult for your stylist to work on your hair properly. 

What temperature should my hot tools be?

Any hot tool, whether it’s a flat iron, wand, curling iron, blow dryer, etc., should not exceed 350 degrees fahrenheit. Anything hotter than that will dry out your hair over time and scorch out the color. Always remember to use a heat protectant product before using any hot tools on the hair!

I want my hair to be low maintenance. Why do I have to come back in 8-10 weeks for a touch up?

On average, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. 8 weeks = 2 months which will equal one inch of regrowth, or root. When getting services that require a lightener retouch, it's important to stay within the allotted 8-10 week mark because the heat from the scalp will help the hair lift to the perfect starting canvas. If you wait too long, you're risking the chance of banding, which means the roots are too long to touch up in one process. The inch of root closest to the head will lift fine but after that, you'll be left with a slightly darker "band" of blonde where the heat didn't reach to. These bands may prevent you from getting the desired color you're trying to achieve. 

I’ve had my hair lightened a few times. How often should I be using a deep conditioner?

A good deep conditioner should be a mandatory staple in your product arsenal. You actually should have more than one. I would recommend doing a deep conditioner once or twice a week, and switching between two or even three different kinds. 

My hair is blonde but will turn more yellow after the toner fades out. Is there a way to maintain my hair at home between toner appointments?

Using a purple/violet depositing shampoo will be super helpful in-between toner appointments. We recommend using Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. 

When using a toning shampoo, we recommend using it once a week and immediately following with a deep conditioning mask. The violet tones in the shampoo neutralize any yellow tones in the hair, which creates a brightening affect on the blonde hair. If your hair is fading more on the orange side, we recommend investing in a blue toned shampoo, which will neutralize the orange in the hair. 

I am going to get my hair professionally done for the first time. What products do you recommend I purchase for at-home use?

Start with sulfate free shampoo & conditioner, at least two deep conditioning treatments, a heat protectant before you blow-dry, & an oil or serum to use after styling or when your hair is dry! Everything else can be picked up as you learn what works best with your hair.  

Any other questions? 

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