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Jenn Shin Studios is a mentorship salon and holds a rigorous hiring process. We take our jobs very seriously and we hope you do too. Whether it's 2 or 10 years of experience, our team here strives to excel in this industry. 

We are always accepting applications for Assistants and Stylists. Please navigate the buttons below for the correct application and allow 3-5 business days for a response!

With such a fast paced industry, you are never too good to learn more. We have a method to our madness. Whether you see it or not will depend on you. 

-Future Assistants must have less than 6 months of schooling left or have already graduated/obtained license. 

-The assistant position begins with 6-12+ months of JSS training with a future stylist opportunity. 

-Future Stylists, depending on prior experience, will have to undergo JSS training. The duration of training is case by case. 

-A model may be required during the hiring process to determine experience level.  

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