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We pride ourselves in our ability to be different. We are not the salon next-door. We are confident and always completely transparent with our clientele— your hair journey is our hair journey. We will always continue to strive in bringing your hair goals to life and we will always be realistic with you.


We stay honest with our clients so there are no missed areas of confusion, especially because we acknowledge that our hair lingo may be hard to understand. A hair transformation is a lifestyle change as well as a new learning process.


However, the understanding has to work both ways. We are not magicians and remember, good things take time.


Trust your stylist and trust the process. We are here to educate and inform you about your own personal hair journey so don’t forget that we are here to set you up for success. With this ever-changing industry, continuing our education and expanding our ways of thinking is what ultimately sets us apart. 


Send us a text with any questions when making an appointment. We got you.


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A service for clients who are looking to go all-over vivid tones – Rainbow, unicorn, oil slick, neon, etc.


The marriage of a ‘balayage’ with ‘foils'. This is a technique that results in foil being used to incubate heat to create maximum lift of the hair.

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Extensions options, pricing, etc. will be discussed at the time of your mandatory free consultation with your stylist of choice.

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1099 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

(Our main entrance is at the back of the building)



Tuesday - Saturday
9am - 5pm
Sunday - Monday

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